Pepe’s Waterbury Restaurant Opening Date ?

First firing of Pepe's Coal Fired Oven in Waterbury
Gary Bimonte First firing of Oven 3/18/2017




“Our new waterbury location will open to the public in a few short weeks; we will be announcing the dates soon!”
Earlier this week Gary Bimonte (Frank Pepe’s Grandson) was on hand to light the new oven for the first time. Some people might not know this but, this oven is an exact replica of the oven in New Haven that made Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana famous. The oven is coal fired to obtain the perfect temperature and the perfect humidity to ensure Pepe’s Pizza has the right chew, char, and crunch. 
Pepe’s Pizza is glad to be a part of the Waterbury area community. We are looking forward to your visits!

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