Pepe’s Pizzeria in the Community : Good Neighbor Nights

Frank Pepe Pizzeria has a long history of strong involvement in the community. In continuation of that commitment,  we would like to share with you one way that we work to help organisations raise funds. We call it, “Good Neighbour Nights. ”


On Tuesday and/or Wednesdays evenings at our Danbury, Fairfield, Yonkers, Manchester locations we offer organisations the opportunity to raise funds. The way it works is the organisation schedules an evening with one of our managers and they ask their members to share the event within and outside the organisation. The organisation hands out coupons to people interested in supporting the organisation prior to the night of the event. Pepe’s will donate 15% of those sales to the organisation.


To sign up or learn more, please stop by the Pepe’s near you and ask for the Manager or email them here.