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Fresh Tomatoes Are Still in Season

Fresh Tomato Pies are an annual favorite at Pepe’s. Through September, while we can still get the best of crop of fresh tomatoes, we will bake our legendary pie in each restaurant. Fresh tomatoes top off Pepe’s famous crunchy. chewy crust with just the right char, deliciously. Visit Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana and try one while they last.

Why New Haven Style Pizza?

The story of New Haven style pizza continues it’s ageless growth around the country and even around the world. We know that the definition of great pizza means something different to many people. It is a highly personal choice influenced by a myriad of factors including pizza makers from renowned locations like New Haven, Chicago,  Rhode Island, New York, Philadelphia, Boston along with home towns around the country.

Recently Greg Morago in the Houston Chronicle wrote, The towering trinity of New Haven Style pizza where he shares his experiences at Pepe’s, Sally’s and Modern. His “trinity of New Haven style pizza” deliciously describes some of the factors that keep New Haven pizza at the top of many favorite pies!

Fresh Tomato Pie, Summer 2017

  JUST ARRIVED: FRESH TOMATO PIE! Fresh Native Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Fresh Garlic & Basil The wait is over… now thru September, enjoy our renowned FRESH TOMATO PIE at your favorite Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana Continue Reading

Pepe’s continues to get noticed!

We are flattered to get high praise from around the country… and the world. Recently, the website mentioned Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in the article, “Five Best Pizza Restaurants That Are Not in Italy.” Wow! You can read about the others at this link »» Continue Reading

Pepe’s is for Grads!

Don’t know what to give the graduate in your life? No need to worry about sizes, colors and styles… just give a Frank Pepe Gift Card, perfect for everyone. You can pick up a Gift Card at any off our restaurants, or purchase online here + Continue Reading

Our Customers Value Tradition

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that college kids love pizza. With Yale University located in the heart of New Haven, it’s safe to say that many of the students probably have a favorite pizza place to order from. But that love of pizza continues on long after graduation. So when Former… Continue Reading

New Sign at Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in Manchester

We wanted to let you, all the fans of Pepe’s, in on the inside story. We have changed our sign in Manchester.  If you have seen it, Awesome. In case you haven’t seen it, we wanted to share with you. Pictures of the old sign and the new sign are shared below. We hope you will send… Continue Reading