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The Great Pizza Debate- To slice or not to slice a takeout pizza.

Ok, so it is probably not a great debate but it is enough of a question that servers may ask guests who are picking up their pizza, whether they want it sliced or not. I like to watch those times when the guest has a look like,” you’re kidding right?”

In the absence of any real science, we are left with comments from guests, who disagree on almost everything including the proper way to hold a slice. With that level of ambiguous certainty I’ll offer these thoughts to consider.

We all know what a great pizza looks like right out of the oven. The cheese is bubbling, steam rises off, the olive oil is more fluid than not. As the pizza slides off the peel, you can witness slide of toppings like a runner into home base and then back to their rightful spot. It is this moment in a Pizza’s short existence that some think huh, maybe if we let the pizza rest a bit before cutting, we could let the pizzas’ full potential open up, much like a nice Cabernet.We would let the cheese stiffen just enough to hold the delicious pie together.

For me, I am still playing with the idea. I’m testing the argument that if we don’t cut the pizza until we are home, then those delicious pizza juices won’t soak down into the crust making just a little soggy.

We will keep you up to date with are very unscientific studies.

Fresh Tomatoes Are Still in Season

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