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The 11 Best Places to Eat Along I-95, Between Boston and NYC

Recently appeared on EATER, “From baked goods to hearty sandwiches to caffeine fixes, these are your best options”
by Illustrations by Sarah Tanat Jones

6 Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

New Haven is a hub for powerhouse pizza places churning out pie after pie, and Frank Pepe is among Eater’s five “must-visit” spots. Frank Pepe’s has locations all over New England, but the Wooster Street restaurant is the original, and it serves small, medium, and large pies that are made to order. There are also salads and soft beverages, and the restaurant is open every day at 10:30 a.m., closing at 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. See the full article here »»

From TimeOut United States…The 50 essential eats in every state: What to eat and drink all across America

Connecticut: White clam pizza at Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven

Pizza lovers on a New Haven, Connecticut, pilgrimage should follow the lines of eaters to either 157 Wooster Street, where Pepe’s opened in 1937, or to the Spot, just down the block at No. 163 and in business since 1925. Both use a coal-fired oven with a healthy patina of char, and both turn out excellent thin-crust pizzas that are unabashedly blackened and usually too big for whatever table you’ve managed to score. Pepe’s is justifiably famous for its bright-tasting original tomato pie and the white clam pizza with a generous helping of quahog clam meat—either one will haunt your future pizza fantasies. [ Read the full article here + ]

Pepe’s continues to get noticed!

We are flattered to get high praise from around the country… and the world. Recently, the website mentioned Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in the article, “Five Best Pizza Restaurants That Are Not in Italy.” Wow! You can read about the others at this link »» Continue Reading

Industry Interested in Pepe’s Annual Tomato Tasting

The annual ritual of tasting next year’s supply of tomatoes caught the interest of Total Food Service, a leading restaurant industry trade magazine. Shown in the photo to the left are cousins Francis Rosselli and Gary Bimonte, two of Frank Pepe’s seven grandchildren. You can read the article here »» Continue Reading

And Gary endorses….

After careful consideration, Gary Bimonte, Frank Pepe’s Grandson, has decided to declare his endorsement during this important political season. You can see the video of Gary’s declaration here »», as well as on selected television stations over the next few weeks as a paid announcement. Continue Reading

Westchester Magazine Online Commemorates Pepe’s 90th Anniversary

The Westchester Magazine recently published an article commemorating Pepe’s Pizzeria and its 90th year of business. Samantha Garbarini, the author of the article, defines Frank Pepe’s rise to acclaimed pie status as the quintisential American Dream. She also describes the tried and true process of Pepe’s, which uses supremely fresh ingredients and a coal-fired oven,… Continue Reading